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John Sherer: Master's Carpets

Right Worshipful Brother Chad Kopenski is a Past Master of Paramuthia Lodge #25 in Athens, Ohio, a member of Amesville Lodge #278 in Amesville, Ohio, and a member of Oregon Lodge #151 in Oregon, Wisconsin. Chad is a Past District Deputy Grand Master, the Chairman of the Grand Lodge of Education Committee, and a Regent for the Royal Scofield Society.

Masonic Legacy Society

Brother Mark St. Cyr is a member of Sunrise Lodge #783 in Gahanna Ohio. He is also a 32º Scottish Rite Mason NMJ, both a member and facilitator for the Masonic Legacy Society and a member of the Ohio Lodge of Research in Ohio. He is a globally recognized business and market expert, routinely quoted and cited in the mainstream business/financial media. Currently he hosts a private access, groundbreaking business and self improvement broadcast to a worldwide audience.

Adult Development in Masonic Education

Brother Rob McLaughlin, PhD is a member of Paramuthia Lodge #25 in Athens, Ohio. For the last sixteen years, Bro. McLaughlin has served as an educator, administrator, and practitioner. As a practitioner and consultant, he has worked with people and organization across many sectors in leader development, facilitation, negotiation, mediation, and collaboration. His interest in working with people to increase awareness and deepen perspective informs his teaching, practice, and research. Focusing on the intersection of adult learning, adult development, and leadership, his work explores the individual’s capacity to become more adaptive, resilient, and efficient through meaning making.

Achieving a Transformative Experience as a Masonic Line Officer

Worshipful Brother Nathan Trester presented "Achieving a Transformative Experience as a Masonic Line Officer" during the Ohio Lodge of Research meeting held at Paramuthia Lodge #25 on September 19, 2020. This work was prepared and presented as completion of the Masterpiece component of the Royal Scofield Society. Brother Trester is a Past Master of Yeatman Lodge #162 in Cincinnati, OH and is currently the Senior Steward of Caliburn Lodge #785 also of Cincinnati, OH.

The Symbolism of the Beehive

Brother Michael Miller presented the Symbolism of the Beehive during the Ohio Lodge of Research Virtual Education Night on July 23, 2020. This work was originally presented as Brother Miller's Masterpiece component for completion of the Royal Scofield Society. Brother Miller is the Senior Warden of Jefferson Lodge #90.

An Introduction to the Anti-Masonic Movement

Brother Jim Seelye presented his recent research into the Anti-Masonic Movement on July 23 during the Ohio Lodge of Research Virtual Education Night. Brother Seelye is the Senior Warden of McKinley Lodge #431 and an Assistant Professor of History at Kent State University.

Presentation by RWB S. Brad Drew given to the OLR on May 16, 2020

COVID-19: The Change Freemasonry Needed

S. Brad Drew is a member of Lexington Lodge No. 1 (KY) where he also currently serves as Senior Deacon. He was raised in 2011 in Latonia No. 746 (KY) and served as Master in 2016. He currently serves as Senior Warden for William O. Ware Lodge of Research (KY) and is a frequent contributor of articles, papers and writings.

Bro. Brad is a member and officer of the Maysville York Rite Bodies (Chapter, Council and Commandery) and Valley of Covington Scottish Rite Bodies. He is a member of the Masonic Society, the Scottish Rite Research Society, the Philalethes Society (Vice President, T.S. Parvin Chapter, Cincinnati OH), the Rubicon Masonic Society, and a Board Director for the Masonic Library and Museum Association of the Covington Scottish Rite.

Bro. Brad has served the Grand Lodge of Kentucky as District Deputy Grand Master for District 18 and currently serves as Grand Pursuivant. He is also actively involved with the Masonic Legacy Society, the Scottish Rite SMJ Master Craftsman Program and various other self-led Masonic research and study groups and organizations.

Lexington Lodge No. 1 (Lexington, KY) has been hosting a monthly series on Virtual Masonic Education. Topics range from Freemasonry in the Pandemic to the Tavern Myth to Sherlock Holmes. Most of the presentations are available to view on their website at the following link.

Lexington Lodge Virtual Masonic Education Series

Chancellor Robert R Livingston Masonic Library in the Grand Lodge of New York offer a regular series of lectures on topics related to Masonry. The presentations are available through their You Tube channel at the following link.

Livingston Library Lecture Series

The Rubicon Masonic Society

of Lexington, KY

Presents a virtual education series from Lexington Lodge No. 1

Discovering Freemasonry Series