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January Stated Meeting

Join the members of the Ohio Lodge of Research for the winter (virtual) stated meeting on January 23 at 3:00 pm. 

The presentations will also be shared via Zoom.  Click HERE for login information.

John Brown - Masonic Myths and Local Connections

Presented by:
RWB Alex Herbert
of Hudson Lodge #510

Researching Masonic History: A Discussion

led by
RWB Herbert

The Stated Meeting will be preceded by a meeting of the Active Members at 2:00 pm. All Active Members in good standing are invited to help plan for the future of the Ohio Lodge of Research.  Actives should REGISTER for the Actives meeting to receive Login information.

The Ohio Lodge of Research is chartered by the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Ohio and operates for the purpose of encouraging Masonic study and research.  We are Freemasons committed to sharing our enthusiasm for Masonry and the Light we have gained through presentations, publication, and fellowship.  This internet portal is an opportunity to share beyond the walls of our Lodges and beyond the borders of our state.  Please enjoy the available information, consider joining us for a discussion, and feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us.  Together we learn and together we grow.

Scheduled Meetings of the Lodge of Research

January 23, 2021, Virtual Actives Meeting (2 pm)

January 23, 2021, Virtual Regular Meeting (3 pm)

March 24, 2021, Virtual Education Meeting (7 pm)

May 22, 2021, Actives Meeting hosted by Avery Lodge # 493: Hilliard, OH (2 pm)

May 22, 2021, Regular Meeting hosted by Avery Lodge # 493: Hilliard, OH (3 pm)

Additional Virtual Meetings and Discussions may be scheduled. Look for updates on the website and the Facebook page.


We can all use a daily reminder to all of us to be builders of ourselves, and that as leaders, especially Masonic leaders, of our responsibilities to others. Also, in our daily lives, we have a duty to uphold the honor and reputation of the Fraternity by living by our Masonic values. WB Michael Cleavenger of has offered to offer this opportunity to anyone who would like to begin their week on a positive note and be encouraged to think about their Masonic obligations.

Follow this link: 365aMason to learn more and sign up.

Virtual Archives of the Lodge of Research

All virtual presentations made before the Ohio Lodge of Research are available as recorded videos. Enjoy past presentations and consider joining the Brothers of the Lodge for the next Virtual Education Night. Links are also provided to recorded presentations of other Masonic Research organizations. If you would like to suggest an additional link to be included in the virtual archives, contact the Webmaster.

OLR continuesVirtual Meetings

In light of the success of recent virtual Masonic Meetings for the purpose of education, the Ohio Lodge of Research will continuehosting virtual meetings, in addition to the face-to-face Stated Meetings for the purpose of speaker presented topics and/or topics of discussion.
Speakers Wanted!

Although the OLR uses stated meetings for the purpose of conducting business, the main function of the Lodge is that "of encouraging Masonic study and research."  Therefore, the focus of all meetings (and the sole purpose of virtual meetings) is to educate.  If you would like to present a topic, lead a discussion, or suggest a speaker from outside of the OLR, please contact the Worshipful Master.

Have a Paper that you would like to present the the Brothers of the Ohio Lodge of Research?

Contact Worshipful Brother Daugherty  to make sure your topic is included in the agenda for the next meeting and the Brothers are aware of the topics to be discussed.

Masonic E-Zines | Portsmouth Freemasons | St. John's Lodge #1
Hosting Virtual Masonic Education?

Share the topic and relevant information and let the Ohio Lodge of Research spread the word for you.  We can provide the information and link on this page as well as share the information with a group of Brothers always on the lookout for ways to improve their Masonic knowledge.

Thank you to WB Sherry Chandy who will be maintaining the OLR presence on Facebook. If you have any content, comments, or questions about our Facebook page contact the Lodge Secretary at this time.


Facebook is shutting down Friend List Feeds | TechCrunch

Share your Research and Ideas with the Masonic Community
The guidelines and requirements for submitting work to the Ohio Lodge of Research are provided in the document: Submission Requirements.  Writings should follow the  AQC Style Guide.  If you are looking for inspiration or unsure of how to begin writing a Masonic paper, consider reading Writing a Masonic Paper as it was published by the Philalethes Society.

Discussion Forums
A beneficial feature of the new Ohio Lodge of Research Website is the addition of discussion forums.  If you have used discussion forums on other websites, you will recognize a similar format.  If you are not familiar with discussion forums, they are a method for the Members of the Ohio Lodge of Research to communicate with one another, share ideas, and stimulate good conversation.  We hope the discussion forums become an area of heavy traffic.  Feel free to use these discussions to get to know your Brothers of the Ohio Lodge of Research, share new ideas related to Masonry, have your questions answered, and explore new topics.  The value of the discussion forums is limited only by your imagination and willingness to participate.  Follow the Discussion link at the top of the page and visit frequently to keep up with the conversations.

Discussion Forums are only visible to registered Members of the Ohio Lodge of Research.

Member Introductions

One of the challenges of the Ohio Lodge of Research is having a membership that is geographically distributed all over the state of Ohio (and beyond).  This can make it difficult for everyone to get to know one another.
Take advantage of the "Member Introductions" discussion group to share information about yourself with the Brothers of the Lodge and learn more about others who also have interests in Masonic Research.
Topics of Discussion

Have a question to which you've been trying to find the answer?  Or, want to see if others are interpreting an idea the same way you are?  Start a new thread in this general discussion group.

The topics that can be discussed here are limited only by your imaginations and your willingness to share.  Frequent and open conversations will benefit Masonic research throughout Ohio and beyond.
Works in Progress

Have a paper or presentation that you've been working on, but haven't been able to put on the finishing touches.  Post it to the "Works in Progress" folder of the Document database and start a thread in the corresponding discussion group in order to get feedback from your fellow researchers in the Ohio Lodge of Research.
Officers and Administrators will not consider your work for submission until you are satisfied with your product and formally submit it to the Lodge for consideration.

250 Years of Growth and Service to God and Man
The document shown to the left was recently discovered in the files of the Ohio Lodge of Research. It is an 8 x 12 page with an amazing amount of information printed in that small space. The document is double sided, however the two sides are identical with one exception: one side is in color, the other is in black and white.  Although obviously printed in 1967 for the 250th anniversary of Freemasonry, it is unclear what specific organization was responsible for the printing.  If you have any additional information about the document, please share it with the officers of the OLR for inclusion in the database.

Click on the image to download a pdf version that can be viewed with magnification.